The Trauma Therapies


The Trauma Therapies is a book in which I describe and review the various forms of trauma therapy, examining what the therapies consist of, their research basis, their similarities and differences, and what they tell us about trauma and its effects. My book ranges from established therapies such as prolonged exposure, EMDR and imaginal reliving to newer developments such as mindfulness meditation, compassion-focused therapy and energy psychology techniques. Aware that therapy is more than a collection of techniques, I discuss the nature of psychological trauma, the therapeutic relationship and what psychotherapy can offer. The domination of a quasi-medical model, notably in terms of PTSD, has led to a misleadingly simplistic notion that effective trauma therapies are those based on exposure. This book does much to dispel this notion. For all psychotherapists and counsellors, I hope this will be a valuable book describing the many and varied trauma therapies and showing how therapists of all persuasions can benefit from further understanding of how best to help those who have been through a major trauma.





“John Marzillier has written a very good book. He skilfully and with integrity explores a range of contemporary therapies for trauma, carefully examining their internal assumptions and theories, their practical application and the evidence for their effectiveness…I can strongly recommend his book to all psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists.” (Phil Mollon, Psychodynamic Practice, 2016)