All in the Mind, BBC Radio 4, 13 July 2009

I contributed to a programme on cognitive behaviour therapy and the Government-led initiative to increase access to psychological therapies (IAPT). I expressed the concerns that I had written about in The Psychologist in May 2009 (see BEYOND COGNITIVE THERAPY on this website), that this was a flawed initiative, naive in its understanding of both mental health problems and psychotherapy, that its grandiose aims would not be realised, and that it could well cause a backlash against all psychological therapies. Taking the opposing point of view was Professor David Clark from the Institute of Psychiatry, London, one of the leading exponents of IAPT, who is convinced that IAPT is an excellent and positive venture and that it will eventually be successful. Time will tell which of us is correct.


The Gossamer Thread. Radio interviews

The launch of my book, The Gossamer Thread. My Life as a Psychotherapist,  led to me being invited on to Radio 4\’s Midweek on 21st April, 2010. I also appeared on BBC Radios Manchester, Newcastle and Oxford, and on Jack FM, Oxford.



Interview in the Oxford Times,  December 16 2010

I was interviewed by Maggie Hartford a month ago and an article has appeared in the 16th December\’s Oxford TImes. There are a few minor errors – I didn\’t treat phobics with aversion therapy! – but it\’s otherwise pretty accurate. It also highlights my trauma book, which I am in the middle of writing. You can find the article here: