To Hell and Back.

Personal experiences of trauma and how we can recover and move on.


I have completed a book on peoples’ experiences of trauma such as a major accident, an unexpected loss, an assault or rape or being in a major disaster. It is now with the publishers.


My book is aimed at the general reader and is designed to help people understand how trauma can have a major effect on ordinary peoples’ lives. It should also be helpful to those who have been through a trauma either directly or through the experience of family or friends.


Contrary to what many believe experiencing a trauma is not unusual. Research has shown that 81% of men and 74% of women will encounter a major trauma in their lifetime, and almost half of us will encounter more than one. This does not include expected events such as the loss of parents.


The book combines peoples’ stories, as told to me through interviews, with my professional knowledge and experience of the psychology of trauma. It will be written in language that anyone can understand, that is, with the minimum of psychological jargon.